Friday, July 27, 2012

Book It - Mistral's Daughter

This week’s featured book:

Mistral's Daughter
Author: Judith Krantz


They were three generations of magnificent, red-haired beauties born to scandal, bred to success, bound to a single extraordinary man--Julien Mistral, the painter, the genius, the lover whose passions had seared them all.

Maggy--Flamboyant mistress of Mistral''s youth, the toast of Paris in the ''20s. Her luminous flesh was immortalized in the paintings that made Mistral legendary.

Teddy--Maggy''s daughter, the incomparable cover girl who lived fast and left as her legacy Mistral''s dazzling love child.

Fauve--Mistral''s daughter, the headstrong, fearless glory girl whose one dark secret drove her to rule the world of high fashion and to risk everything in a feverish search for love.

From the ''20s Paris of Chanel, Colette, Picasso and Matisse to New York's sizzling new modeling agencies of the '50s, to the model ward of the '70s, Mistral's Daughter captures the explosive glamour of life at the top of the world of art and high fashion.

My Comments:

Family sagas that span a few generations can be fantastic stories, especially if those families have hidden sins and secrets. Like this one. I was quite reluctant to read this book when I first ran across it because Judith Krantz stories typically lean toward the romance genre, which doesn’t interest me.

But Mistral’s Daughter goes far beyond the bedroom and Gucci bags; it’s actually a very interesting story that will keep you captivated. And the characters are very memorable. Give it a try. I think you’ll like it.

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