Thursday, August 23, 2012

Who Is Behind This Blog And The Camera Lens?

Kay, a Georgia Girl With An English Heart’, and easily one of my favourite bloggers, presented me with the Kreativ Blogger Award a few days ago.

By accepting the award, you are asked to do four things:

1) Thank the person who has nominated you.

Thank you, Kay! I am honoured that you would think of me. You are an integral part of my blogging circle of friends.

2) Post a photo of the award.

Here it is:

3) Share a few things about yourself.

Okay, here goes...

a) There aren’t that many photographs of me, especially in the last few years. Aside from the fact that I don’t like being photographed, I’m a camera hog. Mine, mine, mine... The only reason there are so many images of me taken lately (like the ones you see below) is because my husband asked if he could take along my small point and shoot camera to the photo shoots that he forcefully happily accompanies me on. I said okay, and look what happened. An overload of images of me. I should confiscate the camera.

Does this photo-snapping pose make my butt look big?

b) I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. There are only a handful of desserts or sugary treats that I like. And that’s it. I’m not even much of a chocolate fan. I know --- weird.

This is how I end up with so many mosquito bites.

c) My sensitivity to the small, weak and defenseless is colossal, therefore, I am easily traumatized by news stories of children, animals, elderly folks or handicapped individuals abused or mistreated. And I never, ever look at photos or watch videos of these incidences. It would leave me sick for days.

"Oh, when the saints go marching in..."

d) 95% of the time, I dress in denim. Jeans have been my main wardrobe since my early teens. Whenever you find me in anything other than denim pants or shorts, like in these images, it’s probably because my preferred clothing is in the wash. In addition, you’d be hard pressed to find me in a dress or skirt. There’s never been much of a girly girl in me.

Scouting for wabi-sabi shots.

e) I hate shopping for clothes, and don’t do it unless I absolutely have to. Also, I have very few pieces of clothing, and I imagine I probably have the smallest wardrobe of most of the women I know.

Looking for something interesting to phtograph.

f) I am a minimalist. Clutter drives me up the wall, so I go through cleaning frenzies whenever the house becomes overloaded with – what I consider – crap. I donate and toss out items regularly. Even my kitchen counter is clutter free; you’ll find a water kettle, a toaster, a tea pot, a dish rack and a small radio on it. And that’s it. My family is afraid of this side of me and I suspect they hide things.

Zooming in on my subject.

g) I never buy clothing that needs ironing, a chore that I cannot stand and avoid like the plague. Because of this decision, I haven’t ironed in years. This is a good thing since I become very hostile whenever I do iron. And the family cringes in fear. I’m not sure why I have such a severe aversion to this chore, but there you have it.

Sometimes he calls out my name and this happens. Full face shot.

And here is the sneaky (but cute) paparazzi behind the images above...

I just might take him home with me [smile]

4) Choose 4 (or 7) bloggers and inform them they have been awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award.

Gladly. Here are some fabulous people.

1) Francie, author of A North End Journal.

2) Ana, author of Introverted Art.

3) Diane, author of Always Crave Cute.

4) TB, author of Blue Collar Workman.

5) Sophie, author of From Sophie's View. (Very impressive since Sophie is a dog, a Labradoodle, to be precise. One of her dads helps her with the typing, I'm told.)

6) Mark, author of Our Simple Lives.

7) Janice, author of Bikbik and Roro.

All done. Personally, I think all my favourite bloggers deserve this award but I’m limited to choosing a maximum of seven. Or so they tell me.

And if any of you don’t do awards, don’t worry about it; you don’t need to post this on your blog, participate in it or even mention it. Just know that I thoroughly enjoy your blogs and hope you stick around for a while.

That’s all she wrote...


  1. Hey! No fair! I was just working on my post where *I* award *YOU* with this! Well, I don't care, I'm still going to award you anyway -- you deserve it :D

    1. You're so funny! And once again, I thank you for the award. And congratulations for getting it, too. You certainly deserve it.

  2. Sounds familiar, my husband now has a camera and he takes photos of me taking photos. That is how I got my latest profile photo.

    1. It's kind of sweet, isn't it? For some reason, my husband gets a kick out of this. I guess he's just happy about how much I'm enjoying my camera.

  3. First congratulations on your well deserved award, Martha. I love the pictures your husband took! You have a lovely, warm look so I'm glad he managed to sneak one of your face! Second thanks for the award!
    I'm totally honoured, impressed with myself, proud, humbled etc. etc!!! I've never figured out how to move an award from one blog to another but I'll give it a try. Maybe use the snipping tool??
    Anyway thanks again & congrats to the other winners!!

    1. I'm not sure what the snipping tool is, but if you right click your mouse and then click on 'save as', you can copy/save the image onto your computer. And then you can add it to your blog if you'd like.

      You certainly deserve this award, Francie. You have a great blog, and a terrific imagination!

  4. Congrats, Martha -- you are indeed a very Kreativ Blogger! I despise ironing too. If a piece of clothing requires ironing, I don't buy it. Life is too short for that nonsense!

    1. Hahahaha...yes, that's a good way to put it. Life really is too short for that nonsense :)

  5. So that's what you look like! Why are you hiding a face like that? Love it!
    And I love your list too. I can't even tell you the number of posts that I've written about my hate of clutter. But as it is, I live with the clutter-king of the world! He just loves his stuff. Especially on the counter tops which drives me bonkers.
    Thank you so much for including me in this group. And I love being underneath Ron(Sophie's Dad). Or would that be behind him? Either way works for me. wink!
    If you don't mind, I would like to put this on my blog but I don't think I'm going to move it along or give away 7 things about me. Don't you find that difficult?
    Thanks again!

    1. I know how much you hate clutter, Mark. We are clutter-hating buddies; that's for sure. Thankfully, I don't have a husband who is a clutter bug. He's not as much of a minimalist as I am, but his level of clutter loving habits is tolerable.

      You go ahead and do what you like with this award. It's yours, so use it as you wish. No strings attached. None. Zero. Zip.

  6. Congratulations on your award, Martha! I'm like you when it comes to having my picture taken---I hate it. But I think it's really sweet that your husband took so many of you---he clearly likes looking at his beloved. And by the way, you really do look lovely.

    P.S. Another thing we have in common: I hate, hate, hate ironing. So utterly painstakingly tedious! I have, however, developed the skill of dryer ironing. Which means I take clothes out of the dryer when they're really hot and smooth out the wrinkles immediately with my hands. My version of ironing...and it works pretty well.

    1. We do have that in common, Beth. I prefer to take the photos. I don't need to be in many of them. My husband thinks otherwise; he wants pictures of me. And thank you for that compliment; that's very kind.

      I'm thrilled to find another kindred spirit in iron hating! Oh, I can't express enough how much I hate it. It makes me absolutely crazy. Yes, it is quite tedious. And your method is genius! I will try it out.

  7. Hey Martha! Good to finally see are a real person after all!! lol You are so hooked on photography....I can tell by the positions you get into. You know what helps in 'holding' those positions? Yoga!
    Congrats to Sophie/Ron!!! They are both skipping around the house as I write!!
    OK, and to Mark. And of course all the others too.
    Does enjoying ironing make me weird? I find it very relaxing......not that I do it that often! Only for funerals, weddings and recently christenings.

    1. Yoga!! And I bet I'd even enjoy it. Yes, I am quite hooked on photography. I have taken hundreds of pictures since I got my camera earlier this year. And loving every minute of it.

      You are a rare one, Jim --- for liking ironing. But you're certainly not alone. I know a few people that also think it's very relaxing. Personally, I'd rather read a good book!

  8. Oh are so kind...your photography exemplifies your kind-heartedness...and including me in this list of incredible bloggers makes my tail spin....speaking of which I got a hair cut yesterday...don't laugh!
    My Dads are denim lovers too....DENIM FOREVER! Listen we steer clear of violence of any kind as need to imprint that on the brain...the media is at fault and that's all there is to it. I only wish Mark was a little more discreet...he's so "out there Jerry"...taken from Jim's favourite show Seinfeld....he says it ALL the time...just ask!
    Thanks again Martha and thank hubby for the candids...I know what you mean about putting it all out there for the world to peruse!
    Ron and Sophie

    1. are adorable, Sophie! I imagine your tail spins like crazy when you're excited and happy. Well, I certainly enjoy your blog and all your adventures, so keep on sharing all that fun. And make sure to thank Ron for helping you with all that typing!

      As for Mark...oh yes, he's not very discreet, but we love him anyway.

  9. Dear Martha,
    What a great post! I love all the photos of you on here! And your writing ability is just as good as your photography skills, so you truly deserve the Kreativ Blogger award! I will check out all those you have passed it on to this evening.
    Keep on with your positive blog!, PLOUGHING THROUGH LIFE!

    1. I thank you again, Kay, for this lovely award. And I plan to visit your blog for as long as you keep it going. Maybe, just maybe, we'll meet one day. That would be so nice.

  10. Congratulations to you Martha, and to all the lovely bloggers you passed it on to. I loved seeing these photos of you, you look great! Do you exercise a lot to stay in such good shape? My Mr takes surprise shots of me, but he always manages to catch me either snarling or grimacing - very attractive!

    1. I exercise regularly from about September to May, and then I slack off when the gardening season really kicks in. But I figure that the gardening, the walking and all the other outdoor summer stuff is just as good.

      Hahaha...that last remark is funny! Well, as long as you're not snarling at him!

  11. Congrats on your award Martha! You should have over a thousand people following you. They don't know what they are missing. From what I can tell, you are as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside! Thanks for including my blog in your list! *blushing*

    1. Awwww...that's sweet :) Sometimes I think it would be fun to have a huge following. And other times I think it's better this way. I can keep things under control, and be able to respond to all the comments.

      You certainly deserve this award, and I hope you keep on blogging for a long time to come.

  12. Congratulations on the award... and you look good from behind ;-) sorry, I couldn't resist... I think whoever took that photo was thinking the same thing. You are beautiful, you should allow for your pictures to be taken more often "Release the kraken!"

    1. Kraken...Hahahaha...that's funny, Ana. And you're right about the rear view; I suspect my husband enjoys looking at that view and that is why he takes so many of those types of images.

      I hope you noticed that you have been awarded this award! You are one of my favourite bloggers, and extremely creative.

  13. p.s. Pop by my blog for a little surprise for you :P p.p.s. I hate ironing too.

    1. Another iron-hating friend :) We should unite and put a stop to this foolish chore...hahaha...