Monday, September 17, 2012

The Sunshine Award and Some Favourite Things

Quite awhile back, Kay, author of Georgia Girl With An English Heart, presented me with the Sunshine Award .

The rules for this award are as follows:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them. (Thanks, Kay! I’ve linked to your blog, so others can discover the sunshine that you spread.)

2. Place the Sunshine Award in a post or on your blog. (Well, here it is...)

3. Answer some questions about yourself. (Coming up below...)

4. Nominate 5 - 10 other bloggers. (I’m going to stick with 5)

5. For the bloggers that you have chosen for the Sunshine Award, remember to comment on their
blogs and let them know about their Sunshine Award! (I tend to be lazy with this, so if you’re nominated, you’ll see it in this post. If you show up for this post. I know. Lazy. Sorry.)

Now, for the questions and answers section:

1. What is your favorite color?

Blue. But it wasn’t always this way. When I was a kid, my favourite colour was purple. I even had a purple winter coat one year that I adored. Blue took over when I hit my teenage years, and it’s been my favourite ever since. It reflects two of my most beloved things: the sky and the ocean. Many shades of blue appeal to me, but indigo, midnight and royal blue really catch my eye.

2) What is your favorite animal?

Because I am a huge animal lover, I expected it would be impossible to answer this question. But it wasn’t. I have an intense love for white tigers. They are majestic and striking creatures. In China, the rare and elusive white tiger is valued as the god of the west, Baihu, and is associated with the fall season and metal. White tigers appear often in pop culture as symbols of strength, beauty, and distinction.

3. Do you prefer Twitter or Facebook?

In general, I’m not much of a fan of either of these social circles, but since I never use – or intend to ever use – Twitter, but do have a personal page of the latter, I guess Facebook it is. And although I don’t care much for the personal accounts on Facebook, aside from receiving some news about friends, or sharing photos of events, I do like the pages that you can create for your company, your blog, your hobbies, news, etc...

4. What is your favorite pattern?

I really don’t have one. I’m more of a solids kind of gal.

5. What is your favorite number?

I have two actually. 4 and 7.

6. What is your favorite day of the week?

Friday. The weekend is just getting started at that point. Once you hit Saturday, you’ve already lost some of that time.

7. What is your passion?

The world. I am overwhelmed by the vastness and diversity of this planet of ours, and if I won the lottery, I’d travel till I dropped. There is so much that I would love to see. Mountains. Oceans. Cultures. People. Exotic animals. Nature. Life. The world and all it has to offer. With a camera in hand, of course. Oh, and the husband, too. Someone has to carry my camera equipment, no? [snicker]

So there you have it, folks. More of my secrets revealed. Now, let’s get to the nominees, all of which are terrific places to hang out at. Make sure you visit them if you haven’t already.

Joy, author of Canadian Garden Joy

Dirtynailz, author of Digging RI

LaelShine, author of Soular Sister

Liza, author of Good To Grow

Katharine, author of Just A Thought

And finally, if any of you above don’t do awards, don’t worry about it; you don’t need to post this on your blog, participate in it or even mention it. Just know that I thoroughly enjoy your site and hope you continue to be part of the blogging world for quite some time to come. And by mentioning your blog here, it gives others a chance to discover the wonderful things you have to offer.


  1. I love butterflies and that photo is amazing! Congrats to all you winners.

  2. Well deserved, Martha. You are a sunshiny girl indeed. And nice nod to the hubz there, LOL!

  3. congrats on your award!! isn't it sweet to be recognized by fellow bloggers?! good for you.
    your pictures are so fabulous!

    1. Thanks, Annmarie. It is nice to be recognized by fellow bloggers.

  4. Congrats to all the winners! I really laughed when you said you are a solids kind of girl. For some reason it seemed so true - even though I've never met you, I thought back on the pictures you posted and could only think of you in solid colours! Too funny!

    1. Hahaha...that is funny, Francie! But you are right. I do wear clothes with patterns, but not very often. I'm typically a solids kind of girl :)

  5. wow Martha, congrats!!!! And thank you for sharing some new reads with us :)

    1. Thanks, Ana. I enjoy putting these types of posts together; it's fun.

  6. Dear Martha,
    I must tell you this...after I read this post, I felt like I was back in school and I could just hear a teacher say this, "Kay, NOW, do you see what kind of post you should have written when someone gave you the Sunshine Award? THIS, this is perfectly written."
    LOVE your writing, my dear, you are what I hope to be like one day! You're the best! :-) Oh, and your photos are to die for! GIGGLE over the thought of having your husband to carry the camera equipment!

    1.'re so funny, Kay! I have fun putting these posts together. And I thank you again for thinking of me for this award.

  7. Congrats to you, Martha, and thanks for passing the award along! You're very sweet. I enjoy your blog, too, and visit every day! I think us houseplant lovers need to stick together.

    1. Thanks, Liza. You are one of my favourite bloggers. I visit your blog every day, but I've been having trouble leaving comments as of late. I don't know what's going on.

  8. Congrats Martha, you bring a little sunshine to my world whenever I visit!

  9. Congrats on the reward. Your photo-istic super power is really coming around!

  10. You are very deserving of this award, Martha! Your photographs are so good here! I LOVE that dragonfly! DO you wear knee pads?

    1. Thanks, Jim. I got so lucky with this dragonfly. It just sat there while I photographed it! I don't wear knee pads, but I am going to start. I've realized the HARD way that they are necessary!