Friday, October 5, 2012

Book It - Retribution

This week’s featured book:

Author: Jilliane Hoffman


When an elite prosecutor faces the most lethal predator she's ever encountered, it all comes down to a choice between justice . . . and retribution.

One rainy night in New York City, outstanding law student Chloe Larson wakes from a terrible nightmare. But it's not a nightmare-it's real. A stranger stands over her, a rubber clown mask covering his face, and in one, horrifying instant, everything in Chloe’s life is forever changed. She becomes a victim, a statistic. And no one is brought to justice.

Twelve years later a very different Chloe is forging a formidable reputation as a Major Crimes prosecutor in the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office. For more than a year she has been assigned to assist a task force of detectives who have been searching for a vicious serial killer nicknamed Cupid for the way he kills his victims. Nine women are dead and two are missing and the pressure is mounting to find the vicious killer. When the police stop a speeding motorist on the McArthur Causeway, it seems that the hunt for Cupid is finally over. But as Chloe begins the task of prosecuting the suspect, she soon realizes that this case will be anything but easy. Because her past is about to force itself on her present-and the terror is only just beginning.

Sometimes there is a price to be paid for justice. And sometimes that price is awful. Revenge could cost Chloe her sanity. The truth could cost her life.

My Comments:

This is the first novel I read from Jilliane Hoffman, and when I was done, I wanted to read more from her. Unfortunately there was nothing else available; she had just come onto the writing scene with her debut novel, Retribution. But what a way to start if your readers are searching for more of your stories!

Retribution is a psychological, nail-biting, anxiety-causing, graphic, serial killer/courtroom thriller that moves rapidly. The writer puts you right inside the mind of Chloe who is torn between her legal duty as a prosecutor and retribution for herself and the other victims.

But as suspenseful and action packed as it is, it is not for the queasy. It explores some chillingly dark places, so proceed with caution.

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