Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday Silliness

‘Tis still the season...

Signs You've Had Too Much Holiday Cheer

1. You strike a match and light your nose.

2. You take off your shoes and wade in the potato salad.

3. You hear a duck quacking and it's you.

4. You tell your best joke to the rubber plant.

5. You refill your glass from the fish bowl.

6. You take out your handkerchief and blow your ear.

7. You start kissing the portraits on the wall.

8. You complain about the small bathroom after emerging from the closet.

9. You ask for another ice cube and put it in your pocket.

10. You tell everyone you have to go home... and the party's at your place.

11. You have to hold on to the floor to keep from sliding off.

12. You pick up a roll, and butter your watch.

13. You yawn at the biggest bore in the room... and realize you're in front of the hall mirror.


  1. "Now I'll have to kill you." Hahahaha!!! These are all hilarious :)

  2. Thanks for a good chuckle before I head out to the Mall to finish up the last few things before Christmas! Have a good one!

  3. I loved Harvey's rendition of "Let It Snow"! Thanks for the chuckles and laughter! Merry Christmas!

  4. funny, Martha! Nice to start a busy weekend with a laugh! By the way, I was just catching up by looking at your earlier posts and saw the Mr. Bean Nativity scene video. I wasn't able to view that video, but I'm very familiar with that scene because we watch that every year at Christmas! It makes me laugh out loud every single time---I love it.

    A wondrous and blessed Christmas and New Year to you and your family!

    1. Thank you, Beth! I wish you and your loved ones a wondrous and blessed Christmas and New Year, as well. Enoy!

  5. Oh no, Santa wears a thong, LOL! TMI is right!

  6. Glad you all enjoyed! I don't think a day goes by that I don't laugh it up. Humour keeps us young --- and sane!