Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Today's Trivia - Hamsters That Booze It Up

You’d never guess by looking at this adorable hamster that it should be attending AA meetings for rodents. But it should.

"Got whiskey?"
In the wild, a Syrian Golden Hamster spends its summers gathering and storing fruit. By winter, when it needs to break into the stash, the fruit has fermented. Over time, its appetite for alcohol only increases.

Catching some z's after a night of partying.
And because so much of its natural diet involves alcohol, a Syrian hamster has evolved to sport an astonishingly large liver that is nearly five times normal size (in relation to its other body parts). As a result, this hamster rarely gets tanked.

These three are still going at it!


  1. Something tells me we might be related!

    1. A kitty and a hamster? Nooooo.... You'd eat the little guy :)

  2. ParTAY! ParTAY! Those hamster cages are like one big frat house.

  3. LOVE THIS - gave me a wonderful laugh to start my day :)

  4. That's CRAZY! A big ol' liver to handle all that alcohol, haha! Crazy. I wonder if other things that bodies do work less well in them because their liver is taking up so much room in there!

  5. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I always learn something when i come here. that was so funny, Martha! Hahahahahahahahaha! But they are such cute lushes!

  6. Very odd....indeed!
    good thing it's not addicted to speed!

  7. That will explain a lot of things!!

  8. hahahahaha oh my, they look like they can handle their liquor better than I can!