Tuesday, March 29, 2016

You Asked, I Answer (Politics)

A new week means another opportunity to answer questions you had for me on this year's ‘Ask Me Anything’ post. Except this week, as mentioned last Tuesday, I’m going to address a single inquiry of a...political nature.


Adam asked:
If you were an American citizen, out of all the running candidates for the 2016 presidential election who would you vote for? And which would you hate to see get into office?

First of all, I try my darndest to steer clear of political and religious discussions because many times, oh so many times, people get hot under the collar and totally bent out of shape when you challenge or disagree with their beliefs, opinions and choices. Bat shit crazy some of them get. They really do.

Also, I try hard not to inject myself into another nation’s political goings-on, and even harder when there’s a debate as heated and messy as the one the United States is in right now. Although sometimes it’s next to impossible to stifle an opinion, particularly when it feels like your country is being dragged into the whole sordid mess. What the heck am I talking about? Here’s an example: I recently ran across a political attack ad (such childish things) showing our nation’s flag and playing our national anthem. It really annoyed me and I blurted out “$#@% off, [whoever created this], leave us out of your political crap.” And that’s saying a lot because I really don’t swear. There was also a condescending emphasis on the words “socialist” and “liberal” about my country and some European ones, too, but that didn’t bother me because this.

(And click here if you'd like to see the ad I’m talking about.)

Okay, all joking and teasing and grumbling aside...

Most of all, apart from sensationalized news, an article here and there, opinions of bloggers, discussions amongst family and friends, things I stumble across on the web and stuff like that there, I’m not familiar enough with your country’s social, political and economical framework and/or issues, and even less so about the voting process, candidates, their platforms and all the key changes they’d like to make south of the border. Therefore, it’s impossible to make an intelligent and informed decision.

However, you, Adam (I am addressing you directly), are a very intelligent young man who is admirably well informed and very involved in your country’s politics, so here’s what I’m going to do. I will list a few things that are important to me and some of the things I stand for. After you’ve read through them, I would like you to suggest which political candidate may be the best fit and where I might belong on your nation’s political spectrum. Are you game? I hope so because here I go...

What appeals to me (in no particular order):

- Affordable housing
- Support for veterans; the ability to easily access any/all services
- Access to government information
- Universal health care/affordable health care
- Gun control/gun laws
- Social/recreational programs in school to engage young people
- A reasonable/livable minimum wage
- Affordable post secondary education and trade schools
- An end to unfair tax breaks
- Maternity and parental benefits
- Fair and balanced labour laws
- Pro-choice
- Accessible, affordable mental health care services
- The welcoming of refugees (right now it’s Syrians) during a humanitarian crisis
- Marriage equality/LGBT rights  ("There's no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation", Pierre Trudeau; 15th prime minister of Canada and late father of current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau)
- Complete separation of church and state
- Action on climate change
- Peacekeeping operations
- Physician-assisted death
- Rehabilitation instead of longer sentencing
- Education, work programs and appropriate therapy to help prisoners transition into the free world
- Clean energy
- A tax break for the middle class
- No government-sponsored partisan ads
- Assistance, aid to the poorest and most vulnerable locally
- Foreign aid; assistance, aid to the poorest and most vulnerable around the world as needed
- Diversity in Government, public sector
- The outlawing of capital punishment
- Equality and non discrimination ("Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status." The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a declaration adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December 1948)

There is more but let’s stop here.

I want to live in a country that is recognized for its compassion, progressiveness, tolerance, diversity, humanitarianism and support of equal rights for all citizens. I want to live in a country that makes great efforts to eliminate poverty and give everyone, regardless of economic circumstances, equal opportunities to succeed. I want to live in a country that keeps church and state separate; religion is a personal matter but state affairs/services concern/affect/are shared by everyone. I don’t need to know nor do I care whether a candidate is religious or not, and what religion they practice if they practice any. That is irrelevant to me. I want to live in a country that is proud of the diversity of its people and promotes mutual respect among its citizens.

I want a leader who is diplomatic, respectful, courteous, open minded and progressive. I want a leader that unites rather than divides. Someone who promotes peace.

So tell me, is there a candidate that would appeal to me?

And as for who I wouldn’t want to see elected, there are two that I find very disturbing. As human beings. I won’t name names or point fingers. Instead, I’ll give a description of how I perceive them and you see if you can figure out who I’m referring to.

One is a serial lying, racist, sexist, arrogant, offensive, misogynistic, foul-mouthed, vain, opportunistic, xenophobic bully. I’d be embarrassed to have him representing me on the world stage.

The other is also a manipulative, arrogant, hypocritical, serial liar who employs dirty tricks and bends the truth (or just flat out lies) to get ahead. He seems to have absolutely no moral compass and I wouldn’t trust him to take out my garbage.

And that’s all I’m going to say. Now, I hope I didn’t offend anyone but if I did, well [shrug], that’s the way it goes sometimes. It just means that we can't agree to disagree.

More answers to your questions next week. Have a good one, everyone!


  1. Wow! You said it! There's so much that's just plain common sense. You nailed it. You get my vote!

    1. I think you and I, and many of my Canadian friends share many of these values. We take care of each other. I also should have added my concern for the first nations.

  2. you are brilliant Martha, and you do know your politics. love this.

    1. Thank you, Christine; that is so nice. I think I know OUR politics more than anything else.

  3. Hey, I wish our country was more like Canada!

    1. You have a beautiful country, Linda. You should all unite and work toward the common good!

  4. I'll have to remember to come back here and see what is said in the comment that Adam leaves for you. You have an impressive list of what appeals to you and I agree with the majority of them. I don't think ANY of our candidates can even come close to fitting the bill for it. Its a scary time ahead for our country. I fear its going to be one of those "vote for the lesser evil" type of election come November.

    I do appreciate too that you tackled a very hard question to answer on your blog and you did it with great dignity and truth; something I can't say are qualities in most, if not all, running for president this year.


    1. This was a very hard question and it took awhile to come up with an answer. And it's the truth when I say that there are too many holes in my knowledge of how your country runs, and what the candidates are all about. And you may be right about no candidate being completely to my liking. But we do have one right here that is perfect! So I guess I belong on this side of the border :)

  5. Well said and well written bravo you have my vote . I am a proud Canadian . I fear that the US will be at war with its self soon if things don't change for the better . Lots of Americans are saying they want to move to Canada , now whats that telling others and their government if they are actually listen that they are ruining the country and time to get the hell out . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

    1. The gap between rich and poor in the US is huge and it keeps on growing. That in itself causes social problems, anger. I'm hoping my southern friends find solutions to their problems and unite to bring harmony to their beautiful nation.

  6. I thank the Goddess every day for my United Empire Loyalist ancestors who moved to Canada after the American War of Independence so I could be Canadian today, LOL!

    1. I hear ya, Debra! I'm just as thankful that my parents chose Canada when they moved here from Greece in the late 50s. Smart move!

  7. Well done again ...
    Is it really a week since your last question and answer post!!!

    All the best Jan

  8. What an ingenious answer, Martha!! A true diplomat you are! I know who would best fit this list of years, just sayin.
    MARTHA for Prime Minister in 2019!!!

    1. And since we are friends on Facebook, I'm pretty sure I know who you're talking about :)

  9. ok, well I just loved this post. American politics are a clown car lately

    1. I hope in the end it all works out in a positive way, my southern friend!

  10. I think it's a little funny that I can't exactly tell which of the two ones you don't like that you're speaking of. I thought "Donald Trump, and...Donald Trump?" but honestly the majority of GOP field wears some type of clown shoes.

    I figured you and I were of a similar political wavelength, I can't really disagree with any of your viewpoints.

    Now if Donald Trump gets elected, we'll gladly trade him for Justin Trudeau.

    1. I came back to see Adam's reply. Good point about Trump and Trump lol

    2. I am actually referring to two separate candidates. I left an opinion about one of them on your blog not too long ago, which is rare, because I'd rather not get mixed up in this mess. But he is such a jerk that I couldn't help myself! And then there's Donald Trump... How? Why?

      We are very similar with our politics, Adam. And you would fit perfectly on this side of the border. You should be made an honorary Canadian!

      And sorry, but there is no way we would ever trade Justin Trudeau for Donald Trump! Our courteous, progressive leader is like a breath of fresh air after our last Prime Minister. And he is making us proud once again!

    3. Christine, Adam's comment made me laugh! I guess one person can fit both descriptions :)

  11. Hey Girl I've worked 14 years for Federal Ministers of different parties, sad to not that different, that's why I left politics, and became a Career Advisor lol

    1. Smart move, girl! Politics can be terribly exhausting. I could never work in that!

  12. I don't have much to say about politics other than, for me personally, I learn from other countries. The good and the bad, I'm here to learn and keep growing. No one country is perfect. That's for darn sure. But there's still plenty to share and learn from each other.

    1. I couldn't agree with you more. It's important to keep an open mind and learn from others because, yes, no country is perfect. And being dogmatic about stuff is not a good thing, in my opinion. Leave the door open for change or improvement or modification if it's a benefit.


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