Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Be Back Soon

A couple of weeks ago I caught a cold and not only suffered from a very sore throat but I also lost my voice. I got myself checked and it turned out to be a virus that would require patience while it ran its course. During that period I got plenty of rest and tried to ease some of my symptoms. Slowly, ever so slowly, I began to recover and my voice resurfaced.

During that period, I decided to take a break from blogging and concentrate on healing. I did visit your blogs regularly but didn't leave any comments. I wanted to stay in touch and see what's going on with you, but be in and out as quickly as possible.

Now that I'm almost completely back to normal, I've decided to put this blog on ice. For how long? I don't know. I just need a break from it. I'll continue my other blogs, and I will continue to visit and comment on yours, but I need to step away from this one until I feel motivated enough to get back into it.

So I'll see you here in the future!

(Comments have been turned off for this post.)