Monday, December 16, 2019

Chuckles and Chortles

Happy new week, blogging friends. How is everyone? What have you been up to? The holidays are rolling in quickly and December is moving out just as fast. Before you know it it'll be 2020! That has a nice ring to it.

I wanted to share this image with you:

This is the house my mother grew up and lived in up until the time she left for Canada in 1957 in her early 20s. It's in a small town in Greece that I visited only once when I was seven. My brother went back in his older years, which was very exciting. I don't know if I'll ever do that but I can explore the area without ever setting foot there - with Google maps! My brother sent me the link and I toured the town she grew up in. You just have to love all these amazing things available through modern technology.

Anyhow, that's my interesting story of the day. Now let's get to the funny stuff. Enjoy and have an amazing day!


  1. How interesting you found your Mother's house. I see Santa has been having trouble with he law ;-) Keep smiling.

  2. I love the scented candles! And Rudolph, poor fellow :) Thanks for the great funnies, as always!

    I've had fun with Google maps also. Isn't it a wonderful thing? What a lovely spot your mother grew up in.

  3. Nice to see your mom's childhood home.
    It's also nice to see Existential Despair and other realities of the season.
    Holiday cheer to you, Martha.

  4. I love Google maps. For the last few years when you google our house it shows a different one. It makes me laugh, as did your weekly funnies.

  5. Cool looking house your mom grew up in! Looks like a pretty area! Its neat how Google maps lets us do things like this! I loved all the comics but especially the one with Rudolph :)


  6. That's awesome seeing your mom's home like that! And thanks for the laughs.

  7. When I was growing up we always lit the "simmering tensions" candle. Now that I'm more edumacated I light "existential despair." It's so great that you can look at the town in Greece. I like to look at the house where my family lived when I was born. We lived there until I was eight.


  8. "Existential despair'!! Oh Christmas does bring out the best in us!! lol
    Happy Holidays, Martha, to you and your family. You just may get to go to Greece one of these days. A friend of ours is there right now writing a book......he is sending beautiful photos of where he is.
    Being 35% Greek myself I just may get there myself one day. It's on my very short 'list'.

  9. How clever of you to use Google Maps to explore your Mom's home town! And thanks for today's LOLs -- my fave is the foreclosure one!

  10. That looks like a nice house, such a beautiful country. These are all funny, poor Santa got busted.
    Have a wonderful week! XO

  11. Oh ha ha ha...the last one is great! I wouldn't try to foreclose her house that's for sure hee hee! I love that we have Google Maps! That's actually how we visit the areas where we check out real estate! Nice that you can "visit" where your mom grew up!!

  12. Modern technology can be so good and helpful. How lovely to see where your mom grew up :)

    Another great selection of funnies - many thanks.

    Hope the week is going well for you.
    Are you still doing your drawing?
    I spent time with youngest grand-daughter this afternoon and we were drawing and colouring Christmas scenes … very relaxing and enjoyable.

    Take care.

    All the best Jan

  13. what a pleasant thing to happen dear Martha :) how exciting you must have felt to see place where your mom grew up ,may be someday you will walk into that house and feel more connected to memories belong to your mom :)

    i enjoyed the fun sharing ,specially last one made me laugh
    wishing you more joys and peace in your days ahead my friend!

  14. Thank you, everyone, for your comments. I would love to answer each one of you individually but I am running really behind these days.

  15. wow,, nice house... I google map walk all the time - through my old neighborhoods and places in other countries. I love it and it is like a black hole for me that I fall in and can be gone for hours. Love the funnies -- not sure how I missed this last week - ...