Monday, February 24, 2020

Chuckles and Chortles

Happy Monday, blogging friends! We are enjoying spring-like weather here today and I couldn't be happier, especially since it's the last week of February. Next stop...spring! YAY!!! I shouldn't really complain because this was not a heavy winter; certainly not as bad as many other years before it. But still...I'm a springtime girl and very excited that my favourite season is just around the corner.

You know what we're watching now on Netflix? Lucifer. Is anyone watching it? Or has anyone seen it? It took a long time to even consider whether we'd give it a try. I had seen the trailer and it didn't interest me all that much. But we watched an episode or two just out of curiosity and decided it's not bad. Certainly not the best series we've seen so far, and some of the actors could do with some acting lessons, but mostly enjoyable. Or enjoyable enough. We also watched The Two Popes a few days ago, which turned out to be an even better movie than I hoped for. But I shouldn't be surprised since Anthony Hopkins is in it. He's such a good actor. Oh, and we also watched the movie Marriage Story, which was pretty good, too.

Last Monday I never got around to creating a post. It was a holiday here in Ontario, so we decided to take a day trip to our hometown in Montreal and spend the day there instead. I really enjoy time in the big city. So much to see and do. And just a few days ago, we dropped off a carload of donations at a local non-profit. I hope to put together another carload by summer. The less stuff in the house, the happier I am!

And that's that. What are you all up to? Share below. And enjoy the funny stuff!


  1. I love the skunks being towed behind the ark! Having smelled my share of skunky air in my lifetime, it rings very true :)

    It's mild here this week too. We're supposed to hit 10C one day soon. Not standard February weather at all. The warmer winter here has spoiled me - on the few days it was -15C I nearly froze! To think that thirty years ago it was usual to have three weeks or so of -20C to -25C in January/February without a break. I remember the fuel line from our oil tank (which was outside in those days) to the house freezing overnight. We had to go out with a kettle of hot water in the mornings to thaw it out and keep the furnace running. I can't say I mind the milder winters but it's what that means in the bigger picture that worries me.

  2. We watched "The Two Popes" a couple of weeks ago and it was surprisingly good, given its rather dry premise. Haven't seen "Marriage Story" yet but want to. And "Lucifer"? Ooooo, a walk on the wild side!

    Your cartoons are all great as usual. Love the 2 skunks.

  3. I have not seen Lucifer. Maybe we will check it out. Funny cartoons, especially the hopscotch :) Have a wonderful week! XO

  4. Thanks for the Monday laughs. Okay, you got me with the guardian angel on vacation.

  5. Thanks for the laughs! I liked 'a marriage story'.

  6. Someone was telling me about a reality show on Netflix called "Is Love Blind" or perhaps Love is Blind, she wasn't sure of the name. But she was enjoying watching it. I may get Netflix back some day but haven't been streaming too much myself though hubby will occasionally get a movie from Prime.

    Glad you had a good holiday weekend time Martha and that spring is starting to bloom in your area! Always good to see warmer days ahead!

    LOL on the cartoon with the crossing guard :) She knows her stuff!


  7. I enjoy the cartoons every Monday.

  8. We too are looking forward to spring but it has felt 'spring-like the past few days here in Nova Scotia.
    Yes, a great time to clear things out....boy, we have some stuff as well to take to Sally Ann.
    Really enjoyed 'Two Popes' well done. May check out 'Lucifer' too now.
    It sucks being a skunk, I bet!

  9. I want more winter because the rest of the year is too hot here.

  10. I haven't watched Lucifer. I thought The Two Popes was good. I started Marriage Story but haven't finished it because I'm afraid it's depressing. I like the Noah's Ark cartoon best. Not doing much here today. It's pouring!


  11. I agree Anthony Hopkins is a very good actor.

    Out and about recently and the ground is just so wet, the fields near to us are still flooded … roll on Spring, it's such a lovely season.

    Great lot of funnies, my two favourites are the skunks and the guardian angel :)

    Enjoy these last days of February and have a happy March, it will soon be here!

    All the best Jan

  12. oh i am happy for you dear Martha ,i was serene to know that winters were less harsh this year comparatively as my eldest son said often constant snowy and gray weather seems too gloomy ,he liked milder winter in Germany either
    i wanted to play Lucifer but when i read introductory lines i found it about supernatural powers i guess and skipped the idea ,we picked Spanish drama Ingobernable ,latest season of Outlander has arrived on monday so we are eager to watch it later

    i am glad you enjoyed your outing with family
    wishing you more happiness and blessings in days ahead my friend!

  13. loved all the funnies - and we are having spring weather today with possibility of heavy winds and snow at upper altitudes from where we are in the near future. binge-ing... lately .....american housewife on hulu, gentified on Netflix first season and i didn't know if I would stick with it but did and liked it a lot... finally finished Cheers - carla was really really getting on my nerves after so many seasons and wow a lot of things would not go over in today's world on that show, lol...but i enjoyed it a lot. Thinking of redoing frasier next. I like Kims Convenience - i was a few episodes at a time but i always get a laugh. I've stayed away from serious shows for some reason - just need humor lately. I did try Lucifer.. a few episodes... and always thought i might get back to it - which i still might do. enjoy your spring weather!

  14. I like Marge's self protective ways.
    Thanks for the silliness, Martha.

  15. Thanks, everyone, for your comments! I've read all of them but haven't had a chance to respond to each one individually. I apologize :( I've just been so busy lately. xo

  16. I'm ready for spring, but in reality, if you ask me all I need is a bit of summer now. Your cartoons are amazing, Martha. I have a lot of watching to do. I think the last show I watched on Netflix was The crown. Thanks for these laughs, right start to my day!


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