Monday, March 28, 2022

Chuckles and Chortles

Happy Monday, blogging friends! How are you all doing? What are you up to? Are you reading anything? Watching anything? What's going on in your part of the world? What have you been up to? Share in the comments! I'd love to hear all about it.

Last Monday I had a wonderful time meeting up with my best friend. We had an amazing time together. We caught up and made a gazillion other plans for the rest of the year. HAHA I guess we've really missed each other. The weather was wonderful, too, so the drive to and from was smooth sailing. I actually enjoy highway driving. I find it relaxing. What I don't enjoy is city driving, especially in Montreal. Too much traffic and too much aggression. This Saturday, she and I made plans for a dinner date with the husbands. That should be fun. When the four of us get together, it's like a comedy skit. It's so nice to be getting together with friends again. It's been too long.

I'm still working on getting a waterproof/shockproof/dustproof camera. I've narrowed it down to a couple of choices and we'll see from there. I'm not in a hurry but it would be nice to pick one up by the time we start cycling regularly.

And that's all for now, so let's get to the funny stuff! Enjoy and have an amazing week ahead!


Monday, March 21, 2022

Chuckles and Chortles

Happy new week, everyone! And HAPPY SPRING!!! YIPPEE... My favourite season of the year is here. And just like that POOF I've got more energy. The weather is nicer and the most amazing man in the world and I have started taking long walks. We're counting the days until we can finally get our bikes out and go riding. We have soooo many places on our list to visit and explore and photograph. I've been researching waterproof cameras, which I like taking along on outings. I had an amazing one, an Olympus, for many years but it finally died. I'm lookig to pick up another one but not an Olympus this time (way too expensive). And I've also started researching about our trip out east later this year. I downloaded the tourism guides for Nova Scotia and P.E.I. Together with that and the tons of videos I'll watch and websites I'll drop in on, I'll start putting together a list of places we'll visit.

Hey, are you watching anything interesting these days? We've gone through so many Viking-type movies and series that I don't even know where to start. It seems to be a theme that appeals to us, save for all the violence, of course. That part I don't like. As for reading, I finally decided to read The Stand by Stephen King. I started it decades ago but never finished it. I picked up the uncut edition a few months ago and it is a whopping 1,152 pages! It seemed like a good idea at the time when I started it but now I ask myself: "What the hell were you thinking?". It's going to take forever to finish! That's okay. It is really well written, so it's worth it.

I scheduled this post and when it uploads, I'll be on the highway headed to my hometwon of Montreal to meet my best friend. We'll be having brunch together and then we'll shop around a bit and finally sit for a coffee. We planned this a few days ago and I've been excited about it ever since. It's been foreeeeever since we got together like this. It'll be fun to catch up. This is my oldest and dearest friend. We've been like sisters since we were four years old. She had been struggling for a few months and now she's doing wonderfully well! We've got tons of plans for the upcoming months; some with just the two of us, some with other friends and some with our husbands. If the past two years have taught us anything, it's that life is short and unpredictable. And we should enjoy it to its fullest. That's what we intend to do.

And that's it for now, friends. I hope you are all keeping well. Share in the comments what you're up to, what you're watching, what you're reading and what you'r enjoying. I'd love to hear all about it.

Enjoy all the funny stuff below and have an awesome week ahead!

Monday, March 14, 2022

Chuckles and Chortles

Happy Monday, blogging pals! I'm fiiiiiinally back on my blog. It's been a time, I tell you! So much has been going on. But all good. It has been an amazing month so far. Things are moving along with my mother's estate, which was a real burden for a while. I'm hoping it'll be wrapped up by the end of the month but it looks like it may spill over into April. Most of the delay is paperwork, bank and notary business. I'm at the mercy of all these elements! This won't end soon enough for me but at least the light at the end of the tunnel is finally in sight.

The most amazing man in the world and I are both doing great. Things are blowing wide open around here and we're looking forward to getting together with friends and family and spending time out and about. Speaking of out and about, he and I have been tossing around ideas for a getaway since before Christmas; probably since the fall. We had agreed that if the COVID situation was better, we'd do two things: 1) Go away for a couple of days somewhere within reasonable driving distance and play tourist. And 2) Take a longer vacation for up to a week.

I think at the time, we were trying to be hopeful that life would return to some type of normalcy. Now we're looking to get away and de-stress. It's been a rough couple of years! We're not sure where we're going to go yet for a couple of days but we're pretty much decided where the extended vacation should be and that it will be within our Canadian borders. The two options that we tossed back and fourth for months are: the west and east coasts. After a lot of discussion, we've settled on the east coast, which is closer. We are hoping to make that trip later this year, probably in September, unless things get bad, especially with what's going on in the world. Of course, we'll have to find proper care for our two cats (number one priority!) but we'll figure it out. We have our fingers crossed that all will go well and we'll finally get out there. What an adventure that will be! We intended to go many years ago but life got in the way, especially financially!

So, that's pretty much our news at this time. Other than that, it's been fairly quiet, but that'll change soon with spring rolling in and with plans we'll make to get together with friends and family. What's going on with all of you? Share in the comments below! I hope you're all doing well.

And...enjoy all the funny images, as well!